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Costs shipped within U.S.
$0.01 to $24.99  -  $3.75
$25.00 to $49.99  -  $5.00
$50.00  to $74.99-  $6.25
$75.00 to 124.99 - $6.50
$125.00 and up - FREE via USPS
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$0.01 to $24.99  - $7.00
$25.00 to $49.99  - $9.00
$50.00 to $99.99  - $14.00
$100.00 to $149.99  - $17.00
$150.00 and up  - $22.00

Box 699
Florence, MT 59833 USA
Phone: 406 396 3949


Fly Tyers Dungeon
Producing Quality Tying Materials for over 25 years and FTD on the net since 1999

FTD is home of unique fly tying materials, manufactured in our "Dungeon" facility. We offer quality fly tying materials and selected fly tying products at the best prices you'll find... anywhere.

Simply, FTD manufactures its own line of fly tying materials right in "The Dungeon" ,as it has been called, for many years.

We don't carry other manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers products as these are found EVERYWHERE. We offer our own product lines. We control everything, including our own LOW price structure.

Best Prices in the fly tying world...Period! Please read the About page for us to introduce FTD to you.

2014 Holiday Gift Boxes Revealed

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What's New!
Dealer NEWS!
On or before July 1 I will begin sending out via email a dealer e-newsletter periodically. I will have 2 new dealer programs available at that time for consideration.  If you are interested in the dealer e-newsletter please email me direct with your name or company name and email address.
Dealer Program
An offshoot web site of FTD offering various fly tying materials that we call seconds, odd colors, sizes etc. These are tying materials that do not see the light of day at FTD for various reasons. These are still quality materials they just do not meet the standards to be put on FTD.
Check Back Weekly or more for more added Bargains!

Closeout Items

Mayfly Tails (the current style) are available on the Closeout Page for $.45 each. I have a new tail called...MayFly TRUE Tails  available.

Fly Tying Instructions for FTD Fly Patterns

Sea Crab - Saltwater Flies - Fly Tyers Dungeon  Glow Tails - Fishing Flies - Fly Tyers Dungeon  Glow Tail Fishing Flies - Glow In The Dark - Fly Tyers Dungeon

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  • We offer regular Gift Boxes year round at even better prices!
  • We also offer closeout Items and an occasional web specials.

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FTD is growing adding new items and eliminating ones that don't sell. Someday FTD will be a major show or shows and It will be great to meet the new friends we've made through FTD.


Fly Tyers Dungeon
Box 699 - Florence, MT 59833 USA
Phone: 406 396 3949